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Bounce Blanket in Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette


Tin Can Knits

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The Bounce blanket by Tin Can Knit is a modern take on the traditional ripples baby blanket. Knit in easy lace and stripes, it is the perfect canvas to play with colours, mismatched stripes or, like here in Janice's lovely rendition of the pattern, the perfect way to enhance a gradient with contrasting stripes.

For this version, Janice has knit the largest size (the pattern comes in two sizes, stroller and throw/crib size) with a plain colour for main colour, and a gradient in lieu of contrasting colours. 

You could achieve a similar result with a ball of Scheepjes Whirl  and 2 balls of Scheepjes Whirlette for the contrasting stripes, but you will have to adjust the number of repeats and needle size to achieve a similar size, because Whirl/Whirlette are thinner yarns than the pattern calls for. These yarns are a lovely combination of cotton and acrylic, machine washable, and in lovely colours.

If you wanted to knit this blanket in a gradient that would be woolly blend of wool and cotton (also machine washable), you could combine a ball of Scheepjes Woolly Whirl and 2 balls of Scheepjes Woolly Whirlette, with the same caveat that you need to adjust for number of repeats and needle sizes.

Or for fun stripes, use the lovely colours of Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino or Socks Yeah! DK for a machine washable, happy baby blanket! 

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Quantity In Stock
Socks Yeah! Dk by CoopKnits
Whirl by Sheepjes
Whirlette by Scheepjes
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