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An update from Baa! HQ, a PDF Store, and a Virtual Gallery!

Last week, we were teasing you about other projects we have been working on to make Baa! online a special place. We are extremely excited to present to you two brand new sections on the website!

But first, a little update from Janice, writing from Baa! HQ...


How is it going?

Once upon a time, the questions most frequently asked in the shop or on social media related to knitting or crochet. Now? After 3 months of lockdown, the question I am most asked is... "How is it going?" The concern from the Baa Community is very humbling. It lightens my heart to know that so many of you are genuinely ‘willing’ my little shop to make it through 2020 and still be around for ‘you’ in 2021 and beyond!

We are now beginning week 3 of opening and you will be pleased to know that all is going very well. The appointment system is helping those who need reassurance to feel safe, and for others, the enjoyment of browsing the shop all by oneself is really quite nice.

For now, we are keeping the appointment system open while, at the same time, allowing a maximum of 2 customers inside between appointment slots. So, if you are passing by the shop and fancy popping in, please look at the door. If there is a sign stating "Appointment in Progress", please call back later. However, if there is no sign, have a peak in the window and count the bodies (or, if you are unsure just knock), and come in! Booking an appointment via the website is very easy. Just head over to the Home page where you can book a 30min or 45min appointment. And now I shall hand over to my loyal companion Aurelie for other exciting news…


(owner of Baa!)


It's another long post, so please, grab your tea or coffee, a few biscuits, and make yourself comfortable before diving in! A little treat awaits...

A PDF Store

As you probably know, Janice and I also work as independent knitting designers. Over the years, we have seen the development of self-publishing thanks to the wonders of the digital format. On our journey as designers, we have also witnessed the growth of many amazing designers over the last 10 years. And every season, new designers seem to pop up and create exciting, irresistible, new designs.

In the interest of promoting self-published designers, we would like to bring to you a curated selection of modern, exciting designs we can vouch for, along with a selection of Free PDF Patterns kindly made available to Baa! by some select companies.

We are excited to announce that the first lot of digital patterns is now available online at Baa! and that more will be added in near future!

At the moment, there are mainly (only?) knitting patterns sadly (mainly because Janice and I only design knitting patterns!), but rest assured that we will very soon add crochet patterns too! We are currently sourcing patterns from our favourite crochet designers, and we are happy to announce that Fiona Meade's lovely crochet patterns will very soon be available in the PDF Store at Baa!

And to celebrate the launch of a new PDF Store, what is more appropriate than the publication of new patterns? Often, customers come to Baa! asking for a "simple socks" pattern, and our only choice is generally to provide a less-than-stellar pattern from the Internet. For a long time, we have been toying with the idea of developing our own range of Baa!-sic Patterns, and here is the first lot of them: a collection of sock patterns to cater for all sizes, babies, children and adults, knit from the top-down, with a traditional heel flap and gusset construction, using fingering / 4ply yarn.

These Baa!-sic Sock Patterns also sport the brand new Baa! pattern layout! Yes, we're very excited about all this, as we plan to develop the Baa!-sic Pattern Collection, and beyond!

Flat layout of the 3 new Baa-sic Sock Patterns
Flat layout of the 3 new Baa-sic Sock Patterns

Welcome to Baa! Gallery of Samples

Another project we are very excited about is our gallery of samples. Imagine that you are entering a virtual gallery of woolly goodness, where you can find inspiration, and see over multiple angles how a pattern looks. We are working on giving as much information as possible, from a link to the pattern, to the book it may be found into, to the yarn and tools used.

This is still very much a work in progress, and at the moment there are just a few completed information cards. But we hope to see the gallery grow very quickly to offer an array of beautiful samples for your perusal. Come back often!

To access the Gallery, check out the new entry in the main menu!

Then, click on the "project cards" to get further information about the pattern, yarn used, etc.


As a thank you for your interest and for reading this far, we would like to offer you £1.50 off your first PDF pattern purchase on Baa! Use coupon code 1st/PDF/Discount at check-out with any for-sale PDF pattern in your cart.

We hope you like these new sections on the website. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any feedback you may have.

Haste ye back, with yarny goodness this time!


(dedicated geek for Baa!)


Oh dear! It appears some iOS devices are experiencing issues with the gallery feature. We are really sorry about this and we are looking into it. For now, if you are using an iOS device can you please make sure you have the latest system update. If the problems persist, please contact us stating the version of your system - Many thanks, Janice & Aurelie

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