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Baa!'s Designer Crush: Isabell Kraemer

If you have been following Janice's or my knitting projects for any length of time, you will know that we have a sweet spot for Isabell Kraemer's designs. Isabell is an independant knitwear designer based in Germany. Her garments and her accessories are highly wearable with a relaxed fit. Trendy without being over-the-top. Easy to follow patterns, seamless knits, with usually a section of interest and a section of mindless knitting. The perfect projects!

Today we would like to give you a little tour of our completed projects, as well as those still on our needles, and suggestions of the perfect yarns to knit your own! Join us on the dark side (if you haven't already!). Read until the end for a coupon code.

Handknits jumper and hat casually placed on a coffee table, in front of a sofa, under a modern painting.
My small collection of handknits from patterns by Isabell Kraemer.


Currently on Janice's needles is the delightful Yume. With a strand of Kid Silk Haze carried along a strand of the divine Merino Singles by Colliston Yarns, the fabric created feels like a light, fluffy cloud. The handdyed character of the Colliston Yarns shines through the fluffiness of the Kid Silk Haze, and the lace in the yoke adds a interest without being overwhelming. Simply beautiful!

Yarns: Colliston Yarns Merino Singles in shade Sandstone (part of the Stonehaven collection) held together with Rowan Kid Silk Haze, in shade 589 Majestic.

It would look equally glorious by pairing Colliston's Fireball with Kid Silk Haze Candy Girl, or Colliston's Harbour with Kid Silk Haze Gem!

Pattern: Yume

Gauge: 22 sts / 10 cm

You will need 850-1500m of each yarn, depending on the selected size.



Currently on my needles, I am knitting Tiberius with Rowan Felted Tweed at a slightly looser gauge than the pattern calls for, knitting a size smaller than I would usually do to account for this difference. Tiberius calls for a main colour and 2 contrasting colours. I am knitting with 3 contrasting colours and have amended the charts consequently. Don't be scared by my highly colourful yoke. If you follow the pattern as written, you would only have a few rows with 3 colours, and the largest part of the yoke would be the regular 2-colour stranding.

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in shades 190 (Stone), 186 (Tawny), 205 (Lotus Leaf) and 216 (French Mustard)

Pattern: Tiberius

Gauge: pattern calls for 24 sts / 10 cm. I am knitting mine at 22-23 sts / 10 cm

You will need: 1000-1800m of MC (depending on size), up to 100-150m of CC1 and CC2.



Although we currently live in Saudi Arabia, Little Miss loves her handknits and will sport a handknit hat at any occasion. Leni features a folded brim worked with a provisional cast-on, and a few rows of an easy, eye-catching pattern that adds just that little bit of texture. Topped with a handmade or fake fur pompom, this hat is fun and stylish, yet relaxed. Even better, it's a free pattern!

And yes, this is how Little Miss turned up to swimming practice: woolly hat and goggles on... Make your own and share your stylish pictures with us!

Yarn: Colliston Yarns Merino Singles in shade Lido (part of the Stonehaven Collection)

held together with Rowan Kid Silk Haze in shade 606 Candy Girl

Notions: Large fake fur pompom by Rico

Pattern: Leni (free download!)

Gauge: 21 sts / 10 cm

You will need one ball of each. You may even be able to knit two hats out of them, but I haven't tried it yet.



With its gorgeous yoke, Chauncey is one of my favourite Isabell Kraemer's designs. It looks intricate and precious, but is easy to knit! Knit from the top down, a few simple short-rows are built into the neck to raise it slightly at the back. I love the relaxed fit and the smart look.

I knit this jumper out of deeeeeeeeeeep stash or long-discontinued yarns. I bought the white, undyed yarn at the very first yarn festival I attended: Wonderwool Wales 2010! This yarn has since been used into the smallest baby hat, worn by my children on the way home from maternity, and into a baby cardigan that I keep in a memory box. The leftovers made their way into this jumper, making it even more special for me.

To reproduce the hand-dyed look with the contrasting pattern in the circular yoke, I would recommend the following yarns:

Recommended yarns: a handdyed fingering (like HennyPennyMakes 4ply, or Fyberspates 4ply), and a plain yet interesting yarn as a contrast, such as 1 skein of Wee County Yarns Kinross 4ply

Pattern: Chauncey

Gauge: 25 sts / 10 cm

You will need 1000-150m of MC, up to 110m of CC.



Featuring an all-over lace pattern at the back, Cullum caught my eye for its relaxed front and fancy back. I knit it out of reclaimed yarn, and it is high on my lists of things to re-knit, which means a lot, as I do not usually knit patterns more than once for myself! It is the perfect handknit summer top!

Originally calling for a linen yarn, it would look equally fantastic and summery in a cotton (or cotton mix), a hemp blend or a silk-blend.

Yarn ideas: Schoppel-wolle Admiral Hanf (hemp-blend) or Scheepjes Organicon (100% organic cotton) or Scheepjes Whirlette

Pattern: Cullum

Gauge: 24 sts / 10 cm

You will need 800-1400m of fingering/4ply yarn.



April is probably my most "dressed-up" jumper. The all-over lace is not complicated, and easy to memorise. One you complete the body, the sleeves fly off the needles. The finished jumper is comfortable, light as a feather and looks good! I wear it with a camisole under, and it is the perfect light and beautiful layer.

Once again, I used deep stash. The pattern calls for a Laceweight yarn, and it would look great with the following yarns:

Pattern: April

Gauge: 24 sts / 10 cm over lace pattern

You will need 1100-1700m of laceweight yarn. Only 2 skeins of Exquisite Lace will be enough to knit most available sizes!


Copenhagen Calling

Knit by the lovely Dorothy as a shop sample, Copenhagen Calling is a gorgeous cowl which has been high on my to-knit list since it has been published. It features a section of lace, a section of mosaic knitting, and a section of ribbing, keeping the project interesting without being overwhelming. The finished cowl is absolutely beautiful and lends itself to lots of fun when pairing colours!

The yarn in this sample is not available anymore, but it would look great in the new Rowan Moordale, or with the amazin shine and drape of Rowan Soft Yak! I may or may not have some in my stash just for this purpose...

Gauge: 17 sts / 10 cm in pattern

You will need approximately 330m of MC and 250m of CC, but size can be adjusted.



As Isabell's Ravelry group celebrates 7 years of chatter, knit-alongs and general awesomeness, she is hosting knit-along, and offering a 25% discount on all her patterns on Ravelry, until Sunday 28th February (midnight, Berlin time). Use code happy7th at checkout when you buy her pattern(s).

As for Baa! ... if you order a garment-worth of yarn from Baa! to knit one of Isabell Kraemer's pattern, please let us in the Notes at check-out, indicating the name of the pattern, and we will email you a £5.00 coupon code to redeem from your next purchase at Baa!

We look forward to seeing what Isabell Kraemer's pattern(s) you fall for, and what gorgeous projects grow on your needles!

Happy knitting,


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