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Here we go again!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I had great intentions of writing this post in December and sending it out with Happy New Year wishes during the first week of January… Alas, my blog mojo left me when I pulled down the blinds at Baa on December 23rd, unsure when I would be able to pull them back up and all the while thinking... Here we go again!

However, ’Onwards and Upwards’ as they say. Time previously spent in the shop is now being put to good use catching up with overdue tasks, which are much easier to tackle from my desk at home. Aurelie, has been working her magic tweaking a few things behind the scenes on the website, Fiona has been preparing exciting crochet blogs for 2021. New stock and books have been added to our online store and the mound of paperwork is finally reducing. I have even managed some knitting! (See above)

The result? I am finally climbing the mountain, rather than sliding down it on my butt!

So, let us begin the first Baa Blog post of 2021 with hope, optimism and a bargain thrown in for good measure!

Towards the end of 2020 Rowan gave Baa the chance to share an amazing offer with our customers. Cosy Merino is a chunky weight Boucle yarn (Remember those?), which uses a blend of 73% merino wool, 15% cashmere, 7% yak & 5% nylon to produce a scrumptiously soft and very light fabric. When it was first released, as one of the Rowans Select yarns, it retailed at £12.50 per 50g ball (ouch!), but now you can buy it from Baa for only £5.50 per 50g ball! There are free downloads available on the Rowan website and it will also knit to any Brushed Fleece pattern, with a little adjustment to the number of balls required. Have a scroll through the images below for some ideas. It could be the perfect time to get stocked up for your 2021 Christmas gift knitting!

I am often popping in and out of the shop at the moment making up orders and despite leaving the heating on 24hrs, the shop is freezing! So, I have cast on a Cosy Merino woolly for myself.

The Easy Bulky One by Joji Locatelli is now on my needles using Cosy Merino shade Cloud. The yarn is SO soft to knit and SO quick to grow. Unfortunately, at this point, I have had to accept that I will not, in anyway, resemble Joji Locatelli when wearing my sweater. A large Cumulous Cloud perhaps? But on the upside, I will be very warm!

Over the next few posts, myself and Fiona will introduce you to some of our new yarns for 2021. Including, two cottons from Scheepjes and two wools from Rowan. I also intend to persuade Aurelie to have a chat with you about her latest sweater in Felted Tweed.


The start of 2021 also says 'goodbye' to our Adriafil range, which sadly has not preformed well for us. All remaining stock is now reduced in price and next week will see the prices slashed further. As subscribers, you will receive first notifications of this offer via email. So, if you want to check out the yarns ahead of time take a look at the ranges below:

I leave you with a little inspiration provided by a few of our talented customers. I have many more pictures to share with you and intend to do so during the year. So, keep them coming folks!

Finally, a few words of thanks to Aurelie, Fiona and all my lovely customers. Without your loyal support over the past year, through purchases, help and friendship, I am not sure this local yarn store would still be here.

Thank you so much,



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