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Hooked by colour... treat yourself to a kit!

Breaking News

As we are about to publish this blog post the sun is shining and the sky is blue, it is hard to believe that just a few hours ago Stonehaven and the South-East of Aberdeen were hit by horrendous weather, thunderstorms and torrential rain. It feels like 2020 delivers one more time....

Luckily, Baa! shop is safe and sound, and open to customers as usual. However, some of our customers have had their homes and businesses flooded. In addition, just outside Stonehaven at around 9.45am this morning there was a horrific train derailment which has been declared a major incident. Our thoughts are with all the people affected in these difficult times. And we hope that all gets better very soon.


A Kit for a Stunning Blanket

A couple of months ago, when we were all stuck indoors, I shared the most beautiful Crochet Blanket with you via Facebook - "The Coral Story Blanket" by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk. Isn't it stunning!

At the time, there was a flurry of interest for a kit but I did not have the yarn in stock. However, with lockdown back in force in Aberdeen I thought a 'pick me up' might be in order!

Discounted Yarn Kit!

I have 3 kits using the gorgeous colourway shown above. The blanket uses a total of 11 x 100g Balls of Scheepjes Our Tribe which would normally retail at £87.45. However, as we are all feeling a bit low at the moment I would like to offer you the complete yarn bundle for £69.96, which is a saving of 20%! If you are interested, just click HERE.

The pattern to crochet the Coral Story Blanket can be bought separately on Ravely or on Etsy, directly from the designer.


I am a knitter and crochet does not come naturally to me. But, occasionally, I find a crochet design that just 'blows me away', at that moment I want to learn everything immediately, so I can start right away! Usually, when these moments occur, I have spotted a design from Tatsiana Kupryianchyk otherwise known as Lila Bjorn Crochet.

Someday, I will learn 'all things crochet' and I promise I will share the results right here!

For now though, I will have to be content to share the dreams of what I hope to achieve... And, here are a few of my favourite designs.

Tatsiana works closely with Scheepjes and her designs will often feature Scheepjes yarns. Huldra Sweater and Fjell Cardigan pictured it the slide show above can both be worked in Scheepjes Whirl and Scheepjes Whirlette. Baa orders regularly from Scheepjes so if you fancy having a go at either but we don't have stock of your favourite colour, just let us know and we can order it for you no problem.

Or perhaps you would like to start with something smaller? Like Magnus Bear?

Lilla Björn means 'Little Bear' in Swedish and it seems Tatsiana can turn her design skills to Amigurumi too!

I think Magnus Bear would look fab in Adriafil Duo and Duo Plus. One ball of each colour would easily make this cute bear!

The pattern to crochet Magnus Bear can be bought separately on Ravely or on Etsy, directly from the designer.


About Ravelry

Some of you have had questions regarding 'how to' use Ravelry and what it actually is. We plan to give a blog post dedicated to this subject very soon. For now though, if you click on any of the pictures above you will be taken to a dedicated Ravelry pattern page, where you will find all the information required to make and purchase the pattern as a digital download. Don't be alarmed if the pattern price is in Dollars or Euros rather than GBP, the price will be converted to GBP at the checkout and you will be able to view this price before you are asked to pay.

Alternatively, we indicate whenever possible an alternative link to buy the digital download from Etsy (or the designer's website) if we do not have it in Baa! online store.

If you have any problems just get in touch, we are always happy to help!


Woolly Crosswords #1 - Solutions

Many thanks to all of you who have completed, or had a go at our first Woolly Crosswords! We hope you had as much fun trying to solve them, as I had putting them together. And many apologies for my twisted brain, as I realise that some of the clues were definitely not easy...

For those of you who haven't tried to solve them and would like to, you will find below a copy of the grid and clues to download:

Baa - Woolly Crosswords
Download PDF • 261KB

For those of you looking for the solution, please download the PDF document below.

Baa - Woolly Crosswords - Solutions
Download PDF • 272KB

Thanks again for participating! We hope to bring more Woolly Crosswords and other games for another few installments of "It's Baa!-rmy Time!"

Woolly yours,

Aurelie, dedicated woolly twisted-mind


Coming soon...

In the second part of our last post, we introduced you to blogger Lorna Reid. Or, as she is affectionately known inside Baa... "Neveratalooseend Lorna"!

We are delighted that Lorna has since agreed to be our very first Guest Blogger. So next week, you are in for a treat! Lorna will have 'centre stage' on the Baa Blog, where she will tell us all about the results of her first post-lockdown visit to Baa.


See you soon!

Zoom knit groups are also still going strong and everyone is welcome! Every Wednesday at 7pm and Friday at 10.30am (BST), we are holding our virtual knit group. Come and knit or crochet along with us as we discuss the most random subjects, including (but not only) crafting of course! Visit Zoom website or download the Zoom app, and click "Join a meeting". Follow the instructions, using meeting ID: 288-959-5554 and password 238462. See you there!

Finally, we would like to remind you that the shop is open. Book a slot and come visit us! Alternatively, you may pop into the shop during working hours as long as there is no sign on the door that says "Appointment in Progress", and there are less than 2 persons in the shop.

We'd be delighted to see you!

Woolly yours,


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