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It's Our Birthday!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Oh, how the Birthday plans took shape in my head! I am particularly good at head planning, it really is a talent. In my head I am capable of many things in no time at all! I work efficiently, quickly and accurately in the blink of an eye. Therefore it is somewhat amusing that (especially to those who know me well.) at age 55 I still believe that I can do it, completely and utterly… Until I put the plans into action… And fail!

This would explain why I am currently sitting on the sofa with my laptop on my knee typing a Birthday blog post at 12.50am. I promised a surprise and it is time to reveal. (In my head this reveal was to happen about 10 hours ago!) There is more than one surprise so listen carefully as I will say this only once…

Once upon a time I had a visitor in the shop who had driven from Arbroath with a teeny-weeny baby and a toddler. How brave, knitting was keeping her sane through the insanity of teeny-weenies. What a lovely girl I thought…

Little did I know that this lovely girl was Eilidh of Colliston Yarns (You can follow Eilidh on Instagram too @ collistonyarns). Sometime later Eilidh asked if I would take a look at her hand-dyed yarn. I did look… And sniff… And squeeze and even drool! And so did most of my customers. Two ‘roomy’ yarn crates were later returned to Eilidh and Baa become a stockist of Colliston Yarns. This little story leads me to my first surprise!

The Stonehaven Collection

Viewing from left to right:

Seagull, Lido, Harbour, Sandstone & Dunottar Castle.

Eilidh has designed this collection to help meet the needs of locals, tourists and ME! It represents her personal interpretation of our wee town. The colours have been designed to work well together, individually or as a fabulous fade. I absolutely love The Stonehaven Collection, and I hope you do too! I await your responses before I place my first order and if you want to see the collection up close, I have a sample set in the shop.

My second surprise is all about Rowan. Baa has been lucky enough to feature in the Local Yarn Store feature of Rowans first Newsletter of 2020. Unfortunately, I cannot share the article at the moment as it is available only to those who have annual membership to Rowan but I can share a couple of the images used. And, in the near future I hope to share the feature will you too.

I have always been a fan of Rowan since my student days when Harlequin in Thistle Street, Aberdeen was my favourite place to hang out! So to celebrate the kindness of Rowan and our Birthday weekend, Baa is having a 20% Off Sale on all Rowan Yarns! - Online & In-Store!

The sale will end on Saturday 8th February at 5.30pm, so grab a bargain while you can. (There is a Rowan price increase looming so that 20% saving is actually more of a bargain than you think!) If you cannot make it to the shop today you can order online choosing the Click and Collect function and save on postage too! (Remember we are closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

Well, thats it for today folks, Baa is now officially in its 3rd year of trading and I would like to thank all of you lovely people, friends, customers and family who have all helped SO much along the way... Maybe I should start 'head' planning now for my 3rd Birthday!

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