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Just 1 Skein | Crochet

Hello again, two posts in one day must be a record for me so I promise I won't keep you too long, I just wanted to share a couple of ideas for the crochet lovers who purchased one skein of our Stonehaven Collection.

Image credit Ravelry © Carmen Heffernan

And for the mini bundles, how about Thisbe by Charlotte Lee? The meterage is a little short but if you had some stash for the brim or perhaps reduced the straight rounds. (There is a lot of flop!) It would make a brilliant Stonehaven Hat.

Image credit Ravelry © sweetgeorgia yarns

Image credit Ravelry © sweetgeorgia yarns

And finally, Aspen Chroma Cowl & Headband by De Shockney could be made with either a mini skein bundle or a single skein.

Image credit Ravelry © De Shockney

I really struggled to find a good selection of crochet patterns suitable for 1 skein of Hand-dyed. If you have a favourite crochet pattern or designer you would like to share with us, please do. We would love to hear from you :-)

Thats it for tonight folks, we will be back with you soon to share a little more inspiration and a little bit of hand dyed knowledge too.

Good night x

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