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New Year, New News (Part One)!

Here we are, 3 days into January 2022 and I have to admit, waiting for the result of a PCR test on Hogmanay was not what I had planned. But HEY, it was negative! So, in theory, I have already received my first positive stroke of 2022. Here's to many more for everyone, starting right now, with the success of our Crimbo Limbo fundraiser!

To all who were involved, take a pat on the back... Thank you, for each and every donation, for telling friends, for sharing social media posts... Fiona Meade Crochet, you are a star! Also, a big 'thank you' to Linsey and Pamela who are responsible for planting the Crimbo seed in my brain matter. Look what you did!

To all those who missed out on the fun, I am sorry, Facebook and Instagram algorithms are rather annoying and likely to blame for you missing our posts. However, you can still read up on our fundraising antics, here. Our Crowdfunder is now closed but if you did miss out you can still donate directly to MND Scotland here.

Meanwhile, we will continue our fundraising efforts during 2022 with the instore sale of our selection of Pre-Loved and bargain craft books. I also hope to bring this selection back to the website very soon.


Baa has taken an extended break over the festive period, to recharge batteries, spend time with loved ones and to reflect on a busy & challenging year. There have been many 'ups' during 2021 but for our extended family, sadly, there has been too many downs.

As a result, my first challenge of 2022 is to address my work/life balance. To help me on this journey is, Linda Murray, who will join the Baa flock in late January.

A customer since Baa opened in 2018, Linda joined our Zoom Knit Group during the first lockdown in 2020. And, as we all got to know each other, we learned that Linda has a very big heart! Nothing seems to bring Linda more pleasure than helping others.

In the latter part of 2021, Linda stepped in and covered the shop when I needed time away at short notice... She did a fantastic job! Especially as she was well and truly, 'thrown in at the deep end'!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Linda on board. Myself, Aurelie and everyone at Knit Group are delighted to have you join the flock!


During my time at home, I intend to be rather annoying. There will be regular updates from Baa until we open on 12th January. Stay tuned and fingers crossed you won't mind too much! 😇

Best wishes,

Janice x

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