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Ready, Steady… Baa!’s Grand Reopening is Coming! (and an update on the “Kep Knit-Along”)

Mark your calendars, Baa!’s Grand Re-opening is scheduled for Saturday 1st May, from 10.30m, and we cannot wait to see you! After so many weeks and months of confinement and mandatory store closure, Baa! is finally reopening its doors to the public.

The shelves are bursting with yarn, the windows have been redecorated, multiple baskets, and other storage have been filled, wall mounts have been replenished with knitting needles and hooks... Are you ready?

We have new products in store, as well as your usual favourite yarns in expanded ranges of colours plus new notions in more sizes and styles. Are you looking for inspiration? We have new pattern books, new samples, new window displays, and ready-made kits, etc. Looking for advice? Janice’s expertise when it comes to pairing yarn and patterns, or matching colours, is legendary. You are in good hands!

Appointments? Drop-ins? Tuitions?

Aye aye, captain! All of these!


Appointments have been popular in 2020, when we first implemented them, as they provide a safe haven for our most vulnerable customers. As the safety of our community is of uttermost importance, we are resuming the appointment system.

Booking an appointment via the website is very easy. Just head over to the Home page where you can book a 30min appointment every day from Wednesday to Saturday, 10.30am to 1.30pm.

For the re-opening, however, Baa! will also exceptionally have Appointments available this Sunday 2nd May all day! (10.30am to 5.30pm).

After Sunday, appointment slots will be available, starting from Wednesday 5th May. You may book your appointment from today 28th April at 12 midday!



Between appointment slots, and in the “Drop-in” section of the days (Wednesday to Saturday, 1.30pm to 5.30pm), we are allowing a maximum of 1 customer or 2 from the same household inside the shop, in order to comply with all regulations and to ensure that we can all keep a safe distance.

If you are passing by the shop and fancy popping in, please have a peak in the window and count the bodies. If you can count only Janice, knock on the door, you may be able to pop in right there and then! If not, Janice will let you know when the next time slot is available.

"Drop-In" starts this Saturday 1st May! We cannot wait to see you!


NEW: Private One-to-One Tuitions

Do you need help with your current project? Unfamiliar with a new technique? Baa! now proposes Private Tuition Time Slots! For a small fee, you will receive a one-to-one private lesson. Baa! has invested in a clear panel, so you will be able to be close to your tutor, yet as safe as possible, with regards to the current sanitary context.

One Sunday per month, Baa! will be open specially for these Tuition Slots. Contact us for more information, or book your Private Tuition Slot directly on the calendar! Just head over to the Home page for booking.

Private Tuition Slots begin on Sunday 16th May, and can be booked as early as today 12 midday!


Let’s “Kep” Knitting…

In last week's blog post, I was writing about the new knitting pattern, released by (and for) Shetland Wool Week: Da Crofter's Kep, by talented Wilma Malcolmson. We cannot thank you enough for the warm response to the blog post and for the kind comments.

Let's answer a few questions that some of you have kindly asked. But first, a little recap for those who may have missed the previous post.

Da Crofter's Kep is a knitting pattern for a "kep" (= a hat), designed by Wilma in honour of her father, and of all the crofters, who work the land there, in Shetland. The pattern calls for 6 colours and is knitted stranded, with a maximum of two colours per row. The pattern is available for free on the Shetland Wool Week website, and Janice has expertly put together colour combinations to knit Da Crofter's Kep, out of the lovely Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift yarn.

Da Crofter's Kep Kits

Many thanks to all of you who already bought a Da Crofter’s Kep Kit, or completed your stash of Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift! Due to high demand, some of the kit colourways are already out of stock and appear "greyed-out" in the drop-down menu in the online shop. This is only temportary, and stock will be adjusted as soon as new shipments of yarn arrive!

Also, Janice has the strenuous (!) task of browsing through Jenny's gorgeous photographs, and to dive in the plethora of Spindrift colours to come up with new kit colourways!

(Jenny is Janice's daughter, and also a talented photographer who travels Scotland and the world for her passion - photography prints are available via Jenny's etsy page!).

Check in often, as we update stock regularly. Thank you.

Da Crofter's Kep progress from Janice @ Baa. Images of St Kilda Sea Stacks by Jenrosephotgraphy .
Colourway 1 - St Kilda - Currently on Janice's needles

About the Knit-Along...

Some of you have already cast on, and it’s lovely to see your progress! Please remember to tag your projects with #baacrofterskep on social media, so we can ooooooh and aaaaah over your knitting!

At Baa!, we are quite relaxed when it comes to knit-along, and sharing projects and progress, as we aim for an inclusive knit-along. Some of you for far afield may have to wait for their yarn a little longer due to the current worldwide situation when it comes to international shipping, so we want to make sure that we give you plenty of time to knit your kep!

We are planning to keep this knit-along running for quite a while, so do not stress about an end date. There are none set for now.

Need help? Janice is planning on putting together some tutorials. And you can always ask questions during our Virtual Knit Groups . Should you need one-to-one guidance, you may also book a private tuition slot in the shop, as detailed above.

Let's "kep" knitting together! We can't wait to see all the Baa! Crofter's Keps on the pictures, in the flesh and in the wild.


A bit of "Housekeeping"...

...where we answer some frequently asked questions... (or at least, try to!)


Will the online shop remain open once the physical shop reopens?

Yes, of course! The online shop isn't going anywhere and, actually, it should continue to grow! We will continue to add new products, and update our stock daily.


Is Baa! Shipping Abroad?

Yes: If you wish to place an order from overseas, get in touch via the website or by email ( We are happy to post direct but prefer to give you an individual quote for shipping.

The gritty details... As you may know, the combination of Brexit and Covid has been disastrous for shipping abroad and for importing, in particular for small companies like Baa! Due to the changes in customs regulations as well as shipping costs, we have had to suspend the automatic feature on the website for the moment, and deal with international orders on an ad hoc basis.

So, we DO ship internationally, but it takes a little longer to process. Sorry for that!

On the other hand, it Is always a great pleasure to see that Baa!’s parcels are traveling around the world, sharing some woolly goodness on all continents!



Is there a brand that you love but that Baa! does not carry in store? A favourite tool or notions that you would like to find in our wee shop? Please let us know! We may not be in a position to respond positively to all requests straight away, but we are always looking for new products, new ideas, new "things".

And of course, we're always interested in hearing from our customers! So please, do not hesitate to contact us and give us some feedback! Thanks.


Woolly yours,


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