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The beauty of hand-dyed yarn, and a few new things too!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It is no secret that we love beautiful yarn at Baa! Beautiful encompasses many aspects, from the texture, to the colour, to the content, the shine, the drape, the woolliness (yes, it’s a thing!), the feel, the smell. Yarn is an experience as much as an object, and it stimulates almost all our senses at once.

Hand-dyed yarn is a category of its own, as it adds a layer of craftsmanship and individuality that commercial yarns lack, as beautiful as these may be. And at Baa!, we are fortunate to be partnering with a few talented yarn dyers.

The Stonehaven Collection is Back!

A few weeks ago, we received the first lot of the Stonehaven Collection, expertly put together by Colliston Yarns to reflect the beauty of our little town. As you may know, we gasped at the colours, and all the skeins were sold in a few hours. Some have already been turned into beautiful projects. We have even seen a gorgeous jumper knit out of a few skeins of Seagull!

But we also know that many of you didn’t manage to grab a skein or five… So Eilidh, from Colliston, worked hard despite a few hurdles (lockdown and out of stock dyes!) to bring us another lot of the Stonehaven Collection.

Hop over to the shop if you want another chance to get a few of these beauties!


New at Baa!

Do you know Herdy? Herdy is the cute mascot from the Herdy brand, created after the adorable looking Herdwick sheep from Cumbria. Baa! had the pleasure to receive a shipment of items, which make the most perfect quirky gifts for your favourite crafter, or for yourself! Have a look!

The clever Ewe Tubes sold out in minutes after we received them, but will be back very soon in the shop.


New in the PDF Store...

A new pattern by Janice

We are delighted to announce the release of a new pattern by Janice! First designed for a workshop to teach the fun method of helical knitting, the pattern for this adorable stripy hat in 3 colours, with a fun spiral at the top, has taken a spin of its own (pun intended!) and is now live.

You will find it in the PDF store here!

Tutorials are Coming

A couple times during the virtual knit groups, we mentioned our plan to offer a digital space, a wee reference library. We are working on the creation of Baa!-gical Mini Guides where we detail a specific technique, address a common problem, etc. At this point, we have one ready-to-publish, and a few lined up in the pipeline, at different stages of completion, from drafts, to editing, to photography and layout.

Beyond these written documents, we are actively pursuing the route of Video Tutorials, where we could share specific techniques, stitches, methods, as if you were looking right above our shoulder, or sitting next to us. We are still in the exploration phase, though, but we hope to be able to start rolling these out by the end of the year.

Finally, we still have plans to offer online workshops. It may be a while before regular workshops happen again as they were held pre-Covid. However, we do not want to rush the process and risk producing lower quality workshops. We are currently investigating options to provide good quality virtual workshops, learning how to be a “virtual tutor”, and weeding through the multitude of online tools that could help us in the process, in order to provide you with quality workshops. Stay tuned!


See you later tonight (7pm), or Friday morning 10.30am (BST) for the Virtual Knit Group, for those who attend. Anyone is welcome! Simply grab your knitting or crochet, a cup of coffee or tea, and join us on Zoom, with meeting ID: 288-959-5554 and password 238462.

Happy knitting,

Aurelie and Janice

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Aurelie Colas
Aurelie Colas
Jul 28, 2020

Thank you so much, Frieda, for your kind words. I'm blushing behind my keyboard. It makes me very happy to share anything I've learned with everyone, and I also learn a lot from all of you. See you soon on Zoom. Take care. Aurelie xx


I would like to Thank Janice and Aurelie for the Zoom meetings set up, they have been most welcome in these not so easy times. I would like to mention the last 2 Friday zoom sessions, asking a simple question like how do you manage to find a pattern so easily in Ravelry? and a demonstration was given it was so helpful for myself and I am sure for the other ladies in the group. Last Friday we spoke about Hand dyed wool and how to knit with it withou the pooling of colours etc. again very informative.

I would like to thank Aurelie very much for this. Aurelie you are a fount of knowledge in all things knitting an…

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