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The big reveal... A Traveller's Dye-ry

At 7pm on Sunday 1st August, after a fair amount of hype, teasing and quite frankly terror, our months of planning and secrets were finally announced to the world, via Instagram Live.

Surprisingly (Ha Ha!), it was not the sophisticated reveal we had planned. Despite our practise sessions and Jenny’s patient guidance, our first ever ‘Instagram Live’ went a bit pear-shaped!

However, once a few technical issues were resolved, a more polished video was uploaded to Instagram and Facebook. And, for all our subscribers we now bring that video here.

Sick to death of watching our faces appear each time you pick up you phone? 😂😂 Skip the video and read on for a little more info.

Who are we?

As many of you joined us following the recent social media posts, stories and other "reels" (thank you!), it might be timely to do a short introduction...

I am Janice, owner of Baa!, a lovely wee yarn shop in the heart of Stonehaven, Scotland. I am passionate about all things sheep, wool, and about promoting local artists. I am also a knitting tutor and designer, and love beautiful yarn, and pairing colours!

Jenny is the talented young photographer behind Jenny Rose Photography, and also happens to be my daughter. As often as possible, she backpacks around the world in search of the perfect photographs. In 2019, she set off to leave for a 15-month adventure around the world. Unfortunately, the pandemic started and her travels got interrupted after a few months travelling through South East Asia...

Back in Stonehaven...

If you are familiar with Allardice Street, Stonehaven, you will likely know of award winning architects Hyve. Nikki Ritchie, owner/director of Hyve renovated the Robertson's Bakery building in 2019 to create upper floor office space for her company.

As a business owner Nikki was well aware of how difficult it can be for creatives and micro businesses to flourish and decided to use the ground floor space in a way which would benefit the whole community. After extensive refurbishment, Hy Pop Up shop was born and ever since has provided Stonehaven with a talked about venue which, despite the pandemic, continues to be booked up months in advance. Take a look inside by clicking on the Hy logo.

Jenny held her first solo photo exhibition at Hy in 2019, just before leaving for that big adventure I wrote about earlier. The exhibition was a great success and she was keen to do it again. However, with travelling no longer possible, Jenny did not have a large enough body of new work to hold a solo show.

My own brain had been growing a small seed for some time, but it needed an extra something… And, it turned out to be Jenny! After running the vague idea around the heads of a few friends, consolidating it little by little, a plan started to form and I suggested it to the selected photographer (Jenny of course!)…

A Traveller’s Dye-ry became reality, and we are delighted to introduce it to you:

So, what is it?

A Traveller’s Dye-ry is a unique event which will take place from 4th October to 9th October 2021. It is a one-of-a-kind yarn and photo exhibition, and a collaboration bringing together artists from different backgrounds: yarn dyers, photographer, graphic designer and illustrator, and knitting and crochet designers.

During the exhibition, photographs, (framed photos and prints), yarn and patterns will be showcased together and offered for sale, along with a very unique book featuring a project around the subject of yarn dyeing, inspiration and more.

What's next?

Over the next 8 weeks, from the comfort and safety of your own homes, we will take you on journey of discovery. Beautiful photographic images will transport you to far away places. On your journey you will meet 7 inspirational Scottish based indie-dyers who have each used dedicated images to inspire a unique colourway.

And, it does not stop there … You will meet the team behind the scenes, from designers & pattern writers to sample knitters and customers. In fact, pretty much all the truly wonderful people who have been involved in this collaboration right from the very start.

Make sure you follow Baa! and JennyRosePhotography on Instagram (@baawool and @jenrosephotos) and/or Facebook (Baa! and Jenny), as we share daily teasers on social media. Try to guess who we are featuring! All 7 dyers will be revealed on Sunday 8th August. Woo Hoo!

I will sign off now with another small teaser. A short film with big hints as to who our first dyer could be. Any ideas?

Woolly yours,


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