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The Kindness of Strangers

A tale of mystery, kindness, and how Sally unknowingly created many, smiles...

A couple of weeks ago I sat at the shop table enjoying a cuppa with my good friend Juliana. The shop door opened and one of our friendly local posties walked in and handed me a package along with a cheery smile.

The package was unexpected. There was no senders name or return address... Which, was a wee bit strange. Within my surprise delivery, beautifully folded and presented, I found the most beautiful sweater. I was astonished! A small brown envelope held a notecard and explanation...

I have a small inkling as to who Sally might be, but I am by no means certain. I have no contact details, no surname and no way to thank her. However, I would like her to know that her gift arrived two days after the passing of my mum and it cheered my heart.

There are times in ones life when you question how much more can you hold on your shoulders and still keep smiling. However, Sally's act of kindness has kept me smiling from ear to ear.

It has been almost 4 months since my last post but I hope these words provide a little explanation to my lack of presence. Regular readers will be aware of our fundraising for MND Scotland. The reason for this campaign was the 2021 diagnosis of my brother-in-law, John. Sadly, in March 2022, John passed away. My sister, and best friend, lost her husband and my 2 nephews lost their dad. Less than two months later my sister, brother and I, lost our mum.

The 'mysterious parcel tale' is passed on to any customer who admires our latest shop sample. As a result, regular customers, new customers, visitors from the USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway and France have left Baa with a smile and a lighter step. So, if Sally is reading. Or anyone who may know her. Please get in touch, I would love to pass on my gratitude with yarn in a colour 'chosen by your head'... And hopefully cheer your heart too!

I leave you with this image, I hope it makes your day!

A wee note about Sally's Sweater

If you love Heron Island as much as I do, you can purchase the pattern directly from Ravelry or at Baa using the Ravelry LYS service. The sweater is knitted with a wonderfully light and soft wool/cotton blend called BC Garn Bio Balance. There are many colours available on the website and even more in the shop!

Janice x

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