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We all need a good listener.

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

As most of you will know, I have been around for a lengthy period of time. In fact, some may say I am well past my sell by date! The majority of my time on this planet has been spent in the world of wool, fibre, design, craft and textiles, pretty much always as my own boss. However, my time spent in retail, as Rowan Design Consultant in John Lewis, Aberdeen and as an assistant in Wool for Ewe, Aberdeen is different. Not being the boss meant I always had someone to ask for guidance or advice. My latest adventure has therefore been tackled with limited knowledge, a spattering of naivety and a big slice of risk.

Baa! is everything I want it to be and living my dream brings me great happiness. However, yarn choices and decisions are difficult on my own, I have favourites in colour and fibre and at the same time I am very aware that my ideas do not represent all the lovely folks who have taken the time to pop in. I am not the customer… but I am a good listener!

I have observed, talked, offered advice and listened to those who have spent time in my wee shop over the last 2 months and in doing so I have learned that some of my own ideas do not necessarily fit in with yours! Armed with this new found knowledge there will be new found things behind the door of Baa! in the coming weeks and months. And, it will all unfold here on the blog, so keep reading...

The start of our individual pattern collection.

Since opening day, the question I have been asked most is... Have you got any patterns? Setting Baa! up as an official Ravelry Yarn Store was my way of avoiding holding folders of loose patterns. I assumed folks would be happy to browse Ravelry from inside the shop on a dedicated computer. It appears I got that quite wrong! It appears not many people know about Ravelry and some who do, find it hard to navigate.

So, by popular request Baa! now holds folders containing printed patterns. It will take a little time to build up a good selection as many of the smaller suppliers do not have patterns available in print. However, I am scouting out popular designs from spinners and independent designers and aim to have something to suit everyone in the coming weeks. And, for those of you who love Ravelry but have limited time to browse, 'bundles' of patterns for each specific yarn we stock are being gathered to make searching a little easier.

Scheepjes Whirl - Jumping Jaffa Pop, Cotton Candy Man, Minty Black Velvet, Blueberry BamBam.

As well as customers, I have also listened to my tutors. Crochet is incredibly popular at the moment so Baa! took the advice of one of our crochet experts, Fiona Meade. Although Fiona loves our woolly yarns they were not her yarn of choice for teaching. She suggested I look at Sheepjes, a Dutch company whose yarns I instantly fell in love with. We now stock, Whirl, Stonewashed 4ply and Linen Soft Dk and these choices have gone down a treat with the crochet community. The ranges will be extended over the coming weeks, so watch this space!

Scheepjes Stonewashed 4ply

Yesterday we added 3 repeat workshops to the Baa! website. Knitting in the Round, Improve Your Finishing Techniques and Toe-Up Socks are all back by popular demand. In addition 2 new workshops have been added to our Spring/Summer schedule - First Steps in Fair Isle Knitting and 2-at-a-Time Toe-Up Socks. Click on the workshop titles for more information.

Are you mad about crochet? Do you know the basics but struggle beyond a 'granny square'? On Saturday 14th April Fiona Meade, one of our crochet experts will be teaching a Botanical Skills Booster workshop designed to step-up your skills. While making everlasting flowers you will learn new stitches, how to read crochet instructions and how to interpret crochet symbols. There are only a couple of places left on this fab class, find out more here.

Got some time on your hands tomorrow? Looking for something different to do with the kids. Helena Wilton will be joining us all day Saturday 7th April to teach Magical Unicorn modelling using Fimo clay. Places are still available for the afternoon session. To book follow the link here.

Finally, I leave you with some news. We are very pleased to announce that Baa! has been accepted as an official vendor at Perth Festival of Yarn 2018. This year the event takes place on September 8th & 9th and we are delighted to be taking part. Last year I had masses of help from my chum Evelyn who did an awesome job of looking after pretty much everything! We are both returning this year and I will also have the honour of teaching. You can find out more about the event here.

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