Meet Donna Wilson’s Knitted Animals—a quirky yet loveable family of 35 of the strangest creatures you’ll ever come across.

There’s Rill Raccoon-Fox, who is fond of toasting caterpillars and worms over the camp fire, son of the great raconteur Cyril Squirrel and the delightful Rita Raccoon. Meet Beryl the Bold, a lover of chocolate-chip ice cream and evening walks, and Bunny Blue, who enjoys nothing more than a picnic and a glass of raspberry juice. Olive Owl is small with a loud voice; she likes to have a tidy home and makes a mean apple pie. Charlie Monkey, who lives on banana milkshakes, always stands out in a crowd, while Ginge the Cat and Mitten Kitten form a formidable feline duo. Use the easy-to-follow knitting patterns to recreate your own collection of knitted animals and other creatures, each with their own unique personality and idiosyncrasies.

35 Knitted Animals & other creatures

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  • Donna Wilson’s story starts in rural Aberdeenshire, where she spent her childhood on her parents’ farm.
    We used to have an old hen house that became a cabin of craft… a place to hide from adults and have adventures. I would create sculptures from branches and twigs, make mud pies and serve them in old pots and pans.

  • Donna Wilson first started knitting while studying textile design at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland, creating a family of creatures inspired by the oddities of everyday life. While working for her MA at the Royal College of Art, she started to sell her knitted creatures to design shops in London, UK. Since then, her family of strange but loveable animals has grown, with new creatures being added all the time, and they have built up a firm following of devoted fans. Donna has exhibited her work, lectured, and run workshops throughout the UK and in Denmark, Italy, and Japan. Her work is sold in design shops worldwide, including the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. Visit her website for an introduction to all the family: Find Donna on Facebook or follow her on Twitter @DonnaWilsonLtd.