The needles listed below are reduced by up to 50%. Why? 

We have switched to a different brand and with limited storage we are having a clear-out!

There are only a few sizes left but we have 3 KnitPro sizes & 1 Addi on offer:


Knit Pro Trendz are a great needle for beginners as they provide the right ‘grab’ that allows for easy handling of slippery yarns, picking up stitches in a fast manner and helps in controlling those difficult stitches!

  • Lightweight, smooth, with the right flexibility – yet exceptionally strong & durable
  • Warm to the touch and gentle in the hand
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Great value for money
  • Resilient and flexible cable lay flat with no kink or twist – easy to store
  • Available in sizes 5.00mm & 5.50mm 


KnitPro Zing are gorgeous needles manufactured from superior grade light weight metal

  • Perfect points, flawlessly tapered – ideal for all yarns and every project
  • Shiny silver tips for ultimate smart outlook
  • Very light on hands
  • Resilient, flexible cables lay flat with no kink or twist – easy to store
  • Available in 3.00mm only


The original ADDI circular knitting needles, with fixed tips made from polished white bronze.
(Known as Addi Turbo in the USA, they are no longer nickel-plated).
The shiny, super-smooth tips are famous for giving you the speediest results. We have only 3mm left in stock.

Circular Needles - CLEARANCE

£4.70 Regular Price
£2.59Sale Price
Length (tip to tip)