Learn the versatile technique of entrelac knitting and choose from 40 stunning projects to make.

Norwegian knitwear designers Heidi Eikeland and Mette Hovden have collaborated to present a thorough, step-by-step introduction to entrelac knitting; a technique in which the fabric is formed by knitting textured, diamond-shaped blocks. It creates an almost woven appearance unlike any other - and now it’s easier than ever to master! With a selection of eye-catching, contemporary garments for men, women and children, including gorgeously-patterned multicolour designs and elegant single-colour designs, there is a 'comprehensive techniques' section to get you started.

You can work an entrelac design as a stunning embellishment across a sweater yoke or around the cuff of a mitten, or turn an entire garment into a dazzling work of art!

Entrelac Knitting

  • About Mette Hovden

    About Heidi Eikeland

    Heidi Eikeland is passionate about knitting, and especially the entrelac technique. Together with her sister, Mette Hovden, they run PinneDans.com. Both sisters are active course lecturers and love to attend knitting festivals around the country. They both live in Norway.