FOLK - The latest Scheepjes Book-a-zine is a packed issue drawing inspiration from Folk Art from the Quakers of Western America to Alpine Hilltops. Using yarns including Catona, Stonewashed, Stonewashed XL and Tribe the magazine includes 15+ projects, articles from textile artsit Tuija Heikkinen and photographer Jimmy Nelson, wacky styling and colourful images. One of those books that make you want so many things!


In this collection, 13 designs are crocheted, and 4 are knitted.

FOLK - Scheepjes Book-a-zine 6

  • Around 1750, the processing of wool became the most important industry in Veenendaal in the province of Utrecht. In the beginning it was mostly a cottage industry but by the end of the 17th century small businesses had started to emerge. The Scheepjes brand was one of them and stood the test of time overcoming many setbacks until 1988 when a shrinking market and cheaper products from Europe eventually led to the demise of the company. Twenty-two years later, family-owned business De Bondt, took over the Scheepjeswol name and gave it a new lease of life. As a result we once again have wonderful yarns from this famous Dutch brand.

  • YARN is a biannual book-a-zine focusing on textile crafts, in particular crochet and knitting but occasionally sewing, embroidery, felting, macrame etc also feature.