This generously sized, folding shopper is strong, lightweight and comes folded inside
a handy carry pouch. The handles are long enough to wear over the shoulder. 

This is a very roomy shopper...  If you happened to take it with you while visiting your local yarn shop, it holds A LOT of yarn. I know, I have tried it!


100% polyester with water resistant finish.

Hand wash at 30 degrees. 

Product folded (mm): 130 L x 130 H

Product open (mm) excluding handle:

420 L x 420 H

Herdy Shopper Bags

Herdy Design
  • The Herdy Company was born in the Lake District in 2007. They produce a range of unique gifts, homeware, and accessories originally inspired by the Herdwick sheep.

    Buying Herdy means, you in turn help to support the Herdy Fund, a charitable fund which helps to ensure the sustainability of rural communities, upland fell farming and of course, the Herdwick sheep.