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The official Shetland Wool Week 2024 hat pattern has arrived.  Designed by Anne Doull, and named after the family farm, the design features a distinctive Shetland Ram motif. The Doull family are this years patrons of Shetland Wool Week whose dedication revolves around preserving and championing the highest-quality Shetland Wool.


As usual, we have a few colour options to share with you.  Each kit contains 5 x 25g balls (6 for larger size) of Jamiesons of Shetland Spindrift. For Colourways 2 & 3, where alternative brands of Shetland 2ply are used in the official pattern, we have adjusted the colours, using Spindrift as the substitute. 





Knit Kit Contents

  • Colourway 1 - A: Potpourri (603), B: Purple Heather (239), C: Foxglove (273), D: Prairie (812), E: Earth (227)
  • Colourway 2 - A: Dark Navy (730), B: Sherbet (188), C: Pumpkin (470), D: Blue Danube (134), E: Parma (628)
  • Colourway 3 - A: Moorit/Shaela (118), B: Mooskit (106), C: Sholmit/White (113), D: Natural White (104), E: Mooskit/White (114)
  • Colourway 4 'Sunset over the Cuillins' - A: Atlantic (150), B: Peach (440), C: Sunglow (185), D: Old Rose (556), E: Thistledown (237)
  • Colourway 5 'Mullach an Rathain' - A: Charcoal (126), B: Chartreuse (365), C: Thyme (226), D: Cloud (764), E: White (304)
  • Colourway 6 'Arthurs Seat' - A: Sky (130), B: Rosewood (236), C: Woodgreen (318), D: Fern (249), E: Autumn (998)
  • Colourway 7 'Creag an Fhithich' - A: Blueberry (294), B: Sorbet (570), C: Blossom (555), D: Orchid (547), E: Mist (180)                                                                                                                                                                     


PLEASE NOTE - Kits do not include needles or a knitting pattern. The pattern can be downloaded via the following link:


Bugilfooer Beanie sizes and recommended needles

Small (5 balls) - To fit 50cm head circumference. Suggested needle size 2.5mm

Medium (5 balls) - To fit 52cm head circumference. Suggested needle size 2.75mm

Large (6 balls) - To fit 56cm head circumference. Suggested needle size 3.00mm


To avoid running short of your main colour, it is essential that you check your tension carefully and adjust your needle size accordingly. 


Spindrift by Jamieson's of Shetland is a wonderful woolly yarn, made  from 100% Shetland wool. It is perfect for traditional fair isle garments  and all stranded knitting in general. It gives a wonderful light and warm woolly fabric to all projects. With over 200 colours in stock, Spindrift is one of the best selling yarns at Baa!

Fibre content: 100% Pure Shetland Wool

Meterage: Approximately 105m/115yds per 25g ball 

Care: Handwash


Islesburgh Toorie Knit Kits

  • Due to high demand, some of the colourways are currently out of stock and appear "greyed-out" or missing from the drop-down menu above. New and repeat colourways will be added as stock becomes available.

  • Jamieson’s is a family owned business, which has specialised in wool from the native Shetland sheep for 5 generations. The family are dedicated to the survival of this unique fibre and as each new generation joins the business, this promotion becomes their life’s ambition.

    In 1981, they opened Jamieson’s Spinning, Shetland’s only commercial woollen mill. This unique mill, built in Sandness, completes all the stages of yarn production under one roof. This includes grading, scouring and dyeing fleece before colour blending, carding, spinning, twisting and balling to produce their 100% pure Shetland yarn.

    Source - "About Us", Jamieson's of Shetland.

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