Joanne Scarce and Kat Goldin of The Crochet Project have designed this this collection of three classic seamless crochet cardigans  worked from the top down.


"We have included an extensive size range to make this a go-to book for everything from baby gifts to enhancing your own wardrobe – there is a size to suit every woman and girl in your life. The advantage of this is that if you are nervous about the time and financial commitment of making for yourself, you can build up your confidence by making the designs in a smaller size first.

Top down seamless design is our favourite way of working. You can try on as you go to ensure great fit. There are no seams to sew and very little finishing to do - minimum time from fastening off to wearing it. Crochet has plenty of natural structure in the stitches that seamless garments hang very well.

This is a collection of cardigans we know you are going to love to make and love to wear. Each has a quiet simplicity to it and enough detail to keep it interesting." - words by Kat & Joanne


PLEASE NOTE: This copy of 'Crochet Yeah!' is a little 'hurt' and we have marked the price down by 50% to reflect this. It is in very good condition,  just a little scuff on the front cover.

Three from the Top by Joanne Scarce & Kat Goldin

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