By taking the softness and artistic theme of the Merino Soft range and combining it with the long-gradient of the highly popular Whirl collections, Scheepjes have produced a gorgeous yarn, perfect for babies, children and adult projects.


Fine Art is the sister yarn to Scheepjes popular Merino Soft range and has the same 'silky' look and handle. They are designed to pair perfectly together providing endless possibilites for colour combinations within the same project.


Fibre Content:

50% Superfine Merino

25% Microfibre

25% Acrylic


460m per 220g yarn cake




19sts to 10cm (4in)

Whirl - Fine Art by Scheepjes

  • Around 1750, the processing of wool became the most important industry in Veenendaal in the province of Utrecht. In the beginning it was mostly  cottage industries but by the end of the 17th century small businesses had started to emerge. The Scheepjes brand was one of them and stood the test of time overcoming many setbacks until 1988 when a shrinking market and cheaper products from Europe eventually led to the demise of the company. Twenty-two years later, family-owned business De Bondt, took over the Scheepjeswol name and gave it a new lease of life. As a result we once again have wonderful yarns from this famous Dutch brand.

  • To give you the best results we always check the dye lot numbers match within each order.  If for any reason it is not possible to complete your order using only one dye lot we will contact you as soon as possible.