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Our Wee Shop

Welcome to our wee shop, in the heart of Stonehaven, Scotland.


Since February 2018, Baa! has been a bubbling hub of all things woolly, building a lively and lovely community of knitters and crocheters alike, united by a love for exquisite yarns, and a diverse selection of quality workshops.

Baa shop - store front Stonehaven.jpeg

Meet The Team

Janice Anderson - in Baa shop.jpg

Janice Anderson


Owner. Knitting tutor and designer.


Janice is the knowledgeable, friendly face behind Baa! with an outstanding talent for pairing colours. Whether you visited the shop, sent an email, shopped online from Baa! website, or picked up a Wee Blackface Sheep pattern from a yarn festival, you will have been served by Janice.

Aurelie Colas - handknit hat.jpg

Aurelie Colas

Woolly Geek

Engineer. Knitting designer. Geek.

Aurelie is Janice's digital side-kick. Based abroad, she helps develop Baa! website and its online crafting community. When she is not working on her laptop, you will find her knitting while walking her dogs, or exercising while thinking about the next website changes or her next knitting design.




Muse. Charismatic Mascot.

Dolly, a talented Wee Blackface sheep and much loved baby sister to Colin*, is a prodigy of musical theatre. Dolly’s days are spent singing and dancing to an audience of gulls, rabbits and other creatures who reside along the spectacular cliff paths of Dunottar Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland. Each night Dolly can be found gazing at the stars… dreaming of one day performing under the bright lights of Broadway.

*: aka Wee Blackface Sheep 2

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