Virtual Knit Group
With Baa!

Every Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm (GMT)

Zoom meeting code: 2889595554

Password: 238462

Virtual Knit Groups are on-going until further notice. We love and cherish our online community. Knitting and crochet loved in equal measure.


New comers are always welcome!

(scroll down for instructions on how to join Zoom)

Keyboard and Mouse

Knit Nights in Covid times: introducing Virtual Knit Groups*!

* Note that we say "Virtual Knitting Groups", but it is as much about knitting as it is about crochet! We are lucky to have a vast array of crafters in our community, some knitters, some crocheters, and many dual-crafters! All are welcome of course!

Join us whether you are local to Stonehaven, from the UK or from anywhere around the world. We look forward to meeting you.

Excerpt from our first blog post introducing our Online Knit Groups...

" Like many other businesses and shops around the world, Baa! had to temporarily close the shop to the public in order to help mitigate the expansion of the dreaded coronavirus. In these difficult times, as most of us are confined to our homes, we would like to weave together (pun intended!) more closely our little community of crafters.


For some of you, our weekly “knit nights” were a very welcome crafty breather, an opportunity to catch up with like-minded friends, or a distraction within a stressful week. For Baa!, it was the chance to connect with all of you, and to offer a welcoming place to help your creativity thrive. Despite the “stay at home” measures, we want to keep this little crafty bubble alive, and we would like to invite you (and everyone looking for a friendly, casual knitting group) to meet up virtually for now, until we can reopen our doors and rejoice in face-to-face knit nights again, complete with hugs, tea and cake. "

Baa shop - store front Stonehaven.jpeg

Here is how you can join Baa! Virtual Knit Groups...

We have decided to use a very user-friendly application: Zoom. You will need a device of some sorts (laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone) equipped with a microphone and a webcam / camera.


  1. Prepare a cosy little corner in your kitchen / living-room / favourite place with your choice of drink (coffee for us, but pick whatever you fancy!), your current knitting/crochet project (we recommend a not-too-intricate piece so you can chat in a relaxed manner), and maybe indulge in a piece of cake?

  2. At the time of the Virtual Knit Night, click on this link.

  3. Follow the directions on your screen. Enter your name, fill in the Meething ID with 2889595554 (if not already filled in).

  4. When the system asks you for a password, enter 238462 and click "Join Meeting"

  5. Engage with all of us as we knit, crochet, craft along while blethering about this and that, and everything in between.


Are you using Zoom for the first time?

If you join a Zoom meeting for the first time, we recommend that you download the Zoom application first (especially if you are using a smart phone or tablet). Look for the "Zoom" app in the PlayStore if you are using an Android device, or in the AppStore if you are using an Apple product). If you are using a laptop/desktop, you may want to download the Zoom Client for Meeting (available here). On an iOS device, you may want to check that your microphone is given access to Zoom, by going to "Settings > Privacy > Microphone" and checking that the toggle button for Zoom is switched on.

You will find below a quick “how to” from Zoom customer service: