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Baa! Online shop now open!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

It has been a busy few weeks here in the North East: along with shop preparations comes the completion of the 2017 workshop season. A few weeks ago I made one of my regular visits to The Woolly Brew, Pittenweem to teach Brioche for Beginners. It was a great day with lovely folks who I hope enjoyed the challenge!

The following weekend I was in Newcastle at The Knit Studio where we enjoyed a Christmas Crafternoon and Shadow Knitting complete with mince pies and mulled wine.

Tomorrow is the last workshop of 2017 and I am off once again to The Woolly Brew for the 4th Finishing Techniques workshop of the season... then roll on 2018 and the opening of Baa!

I wonder if any of you guessed what was inside my first delivery? Do you remember the clue?

Today I have added the contents of delivery No.1 to the Baa! online shop (which is now officially open!) and I am happy to let you know that they were sourced on the beautiful Hebridean Island of Colonsay.

David and Sarah Hobhouse of Colonsay Wool Growers are based at Balnahard Farm where they produce a unique range of yarns and products from the fleeces of the sheep born, raised and shorn on the island. The farm is home to around 500 sheep; Scottish Blackface, Llelyn, Hedridean, Teeswater and Bluefaced Leicester crosses. Once shorn the wool is sent to Yorkshire for spinning then returned to the farm where Sarah completes the process with small batch dyeing using Bog Myrtle, heather, mosses and bark.

Did you know?

"Bog Myrtle (Gael. Roid) repels fleas, moths, and even midges? Highlanders made beds of Bog Myrtle to sleep on in the hope of keeping those nasty biting beasties away" - From Traditional Scottish Dyes by Jean Fraser

In addition to the online products added today, Baa has also released its first workshop - "Cast on with Colonsay". Our first "learn to" workshop will include one of Sarah's fabulous Wrist Warmer Knit Kits.

Fancy a Hebridean holiday? As well as Colonsay Wool Growers Sarah also runs The Old Waiting Room Gallery and self-catering accomodation at Balnahard Farmhouse.

...I wonder when I will be free to take my next holiday?

And, just to keep you guessing... here is a source teaser to some mouthwatering yarn, waiting patiently to make an appearance in the Baa! online shop.

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