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I blinked, and then it was April!

What can I say? By now you probably know me so well that words are not necessary. Regardless, I remain optimistic in my endeavour to improve my organisational and scheduling skills. Hopefully, before I turn 60!

I am making a quick appearance this evening, to let you know of the first additions to our 2023 workshop schedule. The first of which is next week! Oops, a bit short notice...

Last minute notification, thanks to my memory but if you are free? There are still a couple of places remaining. This is a full day workshop on Tuesday 11th April - 10.30am to 4.00pm. Loads of helpful techniques are covered during the day and the class includes comprehensive notes. Click on the pic for more information.

In February this year Baa hosted a fantastic workshop with published designer and tutor Carol Meldrum.

Carol has been teaching at Baa right from week one and was the tutor of our very first workshop. It was a hysterical day where the idea was to knit your perfect partner. On the needles were, boyfriends, girlfriends and a friend... With no mouth! I wonder why? Hee! Hee!

Carol is such a brilliant tutor. Calm, knowledgeable and with abundant patience and energy. Since our Entrelac workshop in February I have had numerous requests for Carol's return. So, here we have it, a selection of dates and topics to keep you busy from May to July. Click on any of the pics for more information and to book.

We shall, of course, be slotting in a few more workshops from Fiona Meade Crochet. Fingers crossed... We may have a few parent and child activities during the summer too!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I have been neglecting the website rather too much. As a result you may see a few new products appearing…. Some of which have actually been on the shelves for a good wee while and some have not yet arrived!

Well, that's it for tonight folks. Goodnight, sleep well! 😴 Unless of course you are on the other side of the world. In which case, Good morning, have a lovely day!

Janice x

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