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Five weeks in!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Can you believe it has been five weeks since Eva cut that bow and opened the doors to Baa?

Eva, who is the director of Perth Festival of Yarn did an amazing job. From making a very flattering speech, to cutting the the bow, to chatting and entertaining customers and friends who spent time inside the shop throughout the day.

During the past five weeks we have already hosted 11 workshops and 4 tutors but before I share a selection of workshop snaps, I would like to share a few from the opening day party... It was a bit busier than expected!

Lindsay Shaw from Lindsay's Handspun Yarns was busy demonstrating her spinning skills. (Lindsay spins beautiful skeins of yarn to raise money for charity. She is well of the way to achieving her next target of £1000 which will go to Maggie's Centre in Aberdeen.

There was not much room to move in Baa on 3rd February!

And a great deal of serious yarn discussion going on...

And, as promised... Some pretty amazing cake! I could not bring myself to cut it for almost 2 weeks, but it still tasted delicious. Hazel from Gumblossum Cakes was responsible for this wondrous creation. (If you need a cake for a special occasion, check out Gumblossums Facebook page for inspiration.)

And now for some workshop snaps... On 11th of February we were lucky enough to have a visit from Carol Meldrum, designer, tutor and author of many knit and crochet books, including our first workshop title - Knit Your Own Boyfriend.

Since our day with Carol, we have Learned to Crochet with Fiona Meade, modelled Fantastic Fruits Stitch Markers with Helena Wilton, tackled Finishing Techniques with myself and much, much more. It has been fab!

Things are starting to settle down a little now so I hope to begin a few email drops with the latest workshops and products from Baa! It has always been my intention that subscribers to the website should be the first to receive news... I getting there... almost!

The admin has been very challenging to cope with on my own so I am afraid all workshop payments must now be made at the time of booking, either in the shop or online. I will still maintain workshop waiting lists but only as a way of informing you that a new date has been announced. It will be up to you to follow the booking through to payment.

Meanwhile I will leave you with a couple of my favourite things from last week. A parcel arrived containing these beautiful wool samples from - Colonsay Wool Growers. Sarah dyes the yarn from plants which grow around Balnahard Farm where the sheep are reared.

In the picture below (Courtesay of Sarah), we have a preview of Colonsay Wool Growers new Knit Kits. I adore these little plant pot covers and cannot wait until the Kits arrive on the shelves at Baa!

I am off now, but hope to speak to you all again very soon! Cheerio x

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