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Happy New Year to all our friends, near and far!

With my first post of the year arriving fashionably late, I hope you enjoy my choice of New Year image. While searching for a woolly picture, I stumbled across this. It made me laugh as it reminds me of my lifelong struggle to meet self imposed deadlines. As you can see, the dog and I, on the 8th of January, have still not 'quite' made it to 2023!

However, it is with great relief that I can finally present our Winter Workshop Collection. As a subscriber to Baa, you have received advance notice of the knitting classes. They have not yet been advertised, so if you are keen, get in quick!

The crochet workshops fill incredibly fast. If you have already missed out, be sure to take time to add your name to the waiting list on Eventbrite. If someone pulls out, you might just be lucky. And, if the waiting list is long, it lets us know we need to schedule another. And, your name will be first in the queue!

Note - Click on any of the images below and you will be taken to the relevant booking page on Eventbrite.

We have further workshop requests for Mosaic Knitting, Brioche and Colourwork. So, keep watching for future updates!

That's all for now folks, it's way past my bedtime!

Janice x

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