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Show and Tell @ Baa!

It has been a couple of weeks since the last blog post. I honestly had not realised it was so long ago... Can someone advise me on where September went?

We had a few days away mid month and it was just great to do something 'normal' for a change... That would be the 'old normal' rather than the 'new' one!

A much needed re-change of the batteries took place and I feel so much better as a result. It has been pretty 'full on' at Baa since mid March... when the world went completely bonkers.

Here at Baa HQ I am, more than ever, missing all of you. I miss the chatter of our Knit Groups and the laughter and fun of workshops... Fiona Meade, I miss you too!

Today, I thought we needed some happy pictures so I would like to bring you a Baa Gallery containing a selection of customer projects which show what you all get up to and the talent and enthusiasm you bring to Baa! As you know, my memory is atrociously bad but I do 'try' to take photos when you bring me your finished items for a bit of Show & Tell... Keep it up please, it is the highlight of my week :-)

Below is by no means an exhaustive collection of your projects, more like a display of projects whose design name and maker I have not completely lost or forgotten! Each picture is linked (just click), to the pattern source so you can easily find the details if you feel suitably inspired.

This week Baa has added a new section to the website menu. A section we hope will inspire our customers with design and technique at an affordable price. The new page is entitled.. 'Pre-Loved Books', and they are just that! Books which have had mainly, 'one previous owner', a very low mileage and generally in 'tip-top' condition!

All Pre-Loved books have been in quarantine for at least one month and I have developed a quality control scale to provide information regarding the condition of each publication. For now, these books will only be available on the website (Due to lack of space in the shop)

Ten publications have been added today and the collection will continue to grow. Prices vary depending on age and condition and as books can be expensive to post we have kept everything transparent by including free postage to anywhere in the UK.

This is what is on offer so far, 'click the pic' for more information!

I am signing off now as I am ravenously hungry and about to dash out for some lunch before my next appointment arrives!

Bye for now,

Janice x

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