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Your Rowan Autumn-Winter Collection (Part One)...

Magazine No 68 is out now and selling fast so before I run out of copies, let me introduce you to the new season from Rowan and a few of my favourite pieces.

'Thirlestane' by Georgia Farrell is my first project and the yarn is the gorgeous Alpaca Classic. This is a light yarn made using a cotton net which is filled with superfine alpaca fibres, it is one of our best selling yarns at Baa and we have 26 colours in stock!

Another personal favourite is 'Hamilton' a sweater design by Vibe Ulrik. This design is knitted using Alpaca Classic and Felted Tweed with both strands of yarn held together. The combination of colours give a beautiful marled effect to the fabric and I love that detail on the raglan shaping!

Both of the above garments appear in the first design 'story' of Magazine 68, named 'Seamless'. The focus is on using circular needles, the story incorporates bottom up and top down construction with sweaters and sleeves knitted in the round. It makes me SO happy to see Rowan dedicate a whole story to circular knitting and seamless garments. It has been a long time coming and I really hope this is a feature we can now look forward to seeing in every issue.

I am certain seamless garments will bring new readers to Rowan and perhaps bring back past friends? Knitters who may have left the Rowan fold, whose progressing skills took them away from the brands traditionally 'flat' construction.

For myself, Rowan has always been a favourite of mine, even during my non-knitting years. I am a sucker for the colour, photography, locations and styling of each magazine issue.

The short video presentation below will give you a fun 'behind the scenes' overview of Mag 68, including garments from all 3 design stories 'Seamless', 'City Tweed' and 'Homeware', plus a few more designs from the Autumn/Winter collection too! We would love to hear your feedback. If there is anything you see that you particularly love (or hate!) and it cannot be found on the website please let us know. After all... It is you we want to please.

So, it is the end of another Blog post and I hope we leave you with some inspiration for 'Knitting Season'. Part 2 of the Rowan Collection is due to be released in October and while we have stayed faithful to our favourite yarns, Alpaca Classic and Felted Tweed Dk, You can expect our 28 shade range of Felted Tweed to increase in October with the release of a new colour palette from Kaffe Fasset and you can also look forward to the appearance 2 new yarns, the first with a little bit of sparkle and the second with some extra special luxury, perfect for Christmas!

Bye for now, we look forward to seeing you all next week when Aurelie will be sharing a lovely knitting story with the help of her children.

Janice x

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